L Dean Simmons, DDS: What is A Dental Crown?

L Dean Simmons, DDS: What is A Dental Crown?

Updated: December 30, 2021

Dental crowns, what are they? If you’re not a frequent visitor to a dental clinic, you would probably not recognize this dental term. Dental crowns arethe types of dental restoration. If you have heard of teeth filling, then, a dental crown is another type.

What makes dental crowns a preferred treatment for tooth decay or fractured tooth? The dental crown completely caps a tooth or a dental implant. So, if you have a very large cavity on your tooth, tell your dentist to use the dental crown. The crown will help protect the tooth and it will give longevity to the enamel.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are three types of dental crowns that your dentist will offer you. At this point, if you haven’t figured out what you want, in this article you will identify different types of caps or crowns.

  1. All-metal crown: Have you heard of a man with a golden tooth? That’s an all-metal dental crown type. The dentist uses either gold or silver-colored alloy. And, because it’s metal, it is expected to be strong and durable. Now, you know, those gold teeth are real.
  2. All-ceramic crown: This type is an engineered dental ceramic or a porcelain. The all-ceramic crown is either aesthetic or strong kind.
  3. PFM or Porcelain Fused to Metal: PFM is a hybrid type of dental crown. It is both porcelain and metal; porcelain covering with metal encasement. This type bears strength and aesthetic element.

However, just like any other oral treatment, the dental crown has its own problems. Oral pains occur after a long period of using dental crowns. Here, you will be guided by what possible dental crown pains may occur once you have it.

What Are Common Dental Crown Pains?

The common dental crown pains are the following: pain in the tooth, sensitive, and bite issues. There are reasons why these pains or problems occur. Dental crown procedures are only restorations made by your dentist and all unnatural things put in our body could eventually deteriorate.

However, all problems have solutions.

  • Tooth pain: Throbbing, radiating pain is the most uncomfortable feeling you want to disappear right away. The causes of this pain can be an endodontic complication and cracked tooth. The solution for this is root canal and tooth extraction for the respective cause of pain.
  • Sensitivity: Common cause for this problem is because of exposed dentin. When your dentist trims your teeth for the preparation of crowning, some parts of tooth dentin are exposed.
  • The simple solution for this is to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth or you can tell your dentist about it, so, he could treat you right away.
  • Bite issues: Tooth infection and pain due to tooth grinding are the cause of this problem. If tooth infection is the problem, then a root canal can erase the pain.

Call Your Dentist, Now!

Now, that we have answered the question, “what is a dental crown?” and the possible pains and problems, you need a dentist now, call L Dean Simmons DDS. We have the best equipment and high-end dental technology to provide you with the best in care.

If you have a problem with tooth decay, fractured teeth or a cracked filling, we have the solutions.

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