Believe It or Not, Dental X-Rays Are Not Harmful For You

Believe It or Not, Dental X-Rays Are Not Harmful For You

What are dental x-rays and why your dentist took an x-ray of your teeth? If this is your first time visiting your dentist, you would probably wonder too. There are reasons why your dentist takes a quick radiograph. They only need to secure your teeth’s condition so that they’ll know how to treat them.

There are different types of dental x-rays and all of them have their own procedure. In this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how dentist uses their x-rays. Next time you visit the clinic, you are ready for everything.

A dental x-ray is important for the dentists because they use the result as their reference. They will use it for examination, and keep it in their dental records. 


There are reasons why dentists take a dental x-ray. Apart from using it for a dental record, a dentist can easily identify the following: your age, symptoms of any illnesses, oral health condition, and identification of any gum diseases or tooth decays.

Dentists rely mostly on radiographs because this is their access to what’s inside your teeth. They will only do this if you’re a new patient. Nevertheless, if you have previous records, then you don’t need to worry about x-rays anymore and its possible risks.

Children will experience more dental x-ray than the adults. The main reason for this is to monitor the growth of their teeth.


There is no required procedure when performing radiographs. The dentist can perform the x-ray procedure anytime while in the dental chair or perform it in the separate x-ray room if they have one.

Moreover, all you have to do as a dental patient is to clean your mouth before the examination. Even though cleaning your mouth is a dentist’s job, you can at least show them that you care for your oral health.

Health Risk

A lot of dental patients are worried that they might get too much radiation from the dental x-ray. Worry no more, because dental x-ray only has minimal radiation effects on your body. A dental x-ray is even safe for children.

However, there’s an exception rule for that, pregnant women are not allowed any type of radiation exposure from x-rays. It’s always bad for your developing baby. If you think you are pregnant, tell your dentist about it. They know what to do after that.

Dental x-rays are not bad for your body. Although the radiation is very low, you’ll still be protected, because of the lead apron placed on your chest, and upper leg.

So, What Happens Next?

After the x-ray and cleaning procedure, your dentist will let you know the results of the x-ray. If the dentist sees cavities and other dental issues he/she will give you the possible treatments needed.

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